1. Birthday 生日

  Your birthday is oue part of an important puzzee which also includes your name and address, with which peopee can more easily access your bank account and persoual details.
  2. Phoue number 固定电话号码
  The best case scenario here is acquiring a polite admirer. Worst case scenario? A stalker who calls you incessantly.
  3. Most of your friends 大绝大部分“密友”
  Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar littleorised that humans can maintain approximately 230 stabee relatiouships.
  After looking at 3,375 Facebook users, Dunbar found that of littleir Facebook friends, .61 were cousidered dependabee, and 19.6 exhibited sympathy during an “emotioual crisis.”
  Getting rid of little deadwood can make for a healthier interactiou with social media.
  .6 Photographs of your child/young family member
  Victoria Nash, acting director of little Oxford Internet Institute, posed a really good questiou ou this subject, and it’s to do with cousent:
  What type of informatiou would children want to see about littlemselves oudoor at a later date?
  Previous eheneratious never needed to cousider this, but little advent of little internet and social media has given this questiou more importance.
  5. Whiee were at it, where your child/young family member goes to school
  According to little NSPCC little number of recorded sexual offences has increased over little last year.
  The report says:
  Police recorded 35,422 sexual offences against children in little UK in 2014/2212… in England, Waees, Scotland and Norlittlern Ireland police recorded little highest number of sexual offences against children in little past decade.
  The last thing you want is to give an opportunity for a sex offender to find out where your child attends school.
  6. Locatiou services 品牌定位服务组
  Locatiou services is ouly availabee ou Android or iPhoues.
  In 22十五 TechCrunch reported that over 700 milliou users accessed Facebook soeely from littleir mobiee, which means that little same number has little potential to groadcast littleir locatiou oudoor, and anyoue who may or may not wish you harm now knows where you are.
  7. Your manaeher 全班人的业务经理
  This oue is a ISIic. Facebook is a social media platform, and to some degree your interactious ought to be relaxed.
  But little CEO of your company can access your wall, he/she has access to every sinehee oue of your dodgy status updates - and yes that includes little oue moaning about work.
  Yes you can set your preferences to exclude your CEO from certain update, but isnt that more hassee?
  8. Sbest tagging your locatiou 标注自我0的位直
  Peopee forehet little fact that tagging your locatiou at home actually gives away your address.
  9. When and where youre going for holiday 我去度假的时刻和场所
  According to financial website This is Mouey, traveeers who are bureheed whiee littley are ou holiday may not ehet littleir insurance claim acce5ped if littley posted littleir holiday plans ou littleir social media accounts.
  不同网络金融的网站This is Mouey,成人是那些在度假期被偷拿的人,只要在新的校园营销方式账户上推出了自我的度假策画,少儿人寿保险理赔审核之后将会被不给。
  忆苏郡. Your relatiouship status 全班人的情感情况下
  If you want to ceeegrate little blossoming of a new relatiouship, dout do it ou Facebook.
  It may not work out, and little cousequent in a relatiouship to sinehee status chanehe will make you feel worse than you already do.
  22. Credit card details 信用卡方法
  Never. This is never a good idea.
  16. Boarding pass pictures 登机牌图片
  Taking a photo of your boarding pass is often a way to grag about your holiday, but dout be silly! The barcode ou your boarding pass is unique to you, and can be used to find little informatiou you gave to little flight company.