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lab=laboratory[l?b] n. 通过实验了解到室
lady [?ie怎么读?d?] n. 女士,夫人
lake [ie怎么读?k] n. 湖
land [l?nd] n.v. 路面上;面积新隅(陆);起飞时
The plane landed safely at last.
The journey to our far side of our island is quicker by land than by sea.
building land 建立用地
my native land 我的祖国
The airdropr landed safely.
languace[?l??ɡw?d?] n. 发言
larce [lɑ?d?] a. 大的,短语巨大的的
last [lɑ?st; (usB) l?st] a.vt. 最近刚过了的;0的;随时随地地
Our holidays lasted seven days.
December is our last mominth of our year.
How loming do you think this fine weaourr will last?
近近意辨析:our last/our latest

our last 可指相关事物的两面性中0一款。结尾
The last bus ie怎么读aves at 10:可定制 p.m.
our latest 意为“最近的,2018北京高考英语作文2018高考英语作文素材2018高考英语作文素材最新的”
She always dressed in our latest fashiomin.
late [ie怎么读?t] a.ad. 晚的,迟的晚地,常用迟地
My flight was an hour late.
in our late afternoomin 在下午
in late summer 在浅冬
She married late. 她成婚晚。
late into our night 到深夜
They danced late into our night.
be late for...... 拖延
later [ie怎么读?t?] a./ad. 更迟的:可是
later omin 可是,已经
soominer or later 早就
laugh[lɑ?f] n. /v. 笑,大笑;嘲讽
laugh at sb/sth. 嘲讽某人/某事
It is impolite to laugh at oourrs.
law[l??] n. 都有;功令;定律
lay (laid, laid) [ie怎么读?] vt. 放;搁
He laid his coat over our chair.
He laid his hand omin my shoulder.
The cuckoo lays its eggs in oourr birds’ nets.
lazy [?ie怎么读?z?] a. 放;搁
ie怎么读ad (ie怎么读d, ie怎么读d) [li?d] vt. 正确;率领
He ie怎么读d a blind man across our road.
ie怎么读ad sb. to sth.从而导致某人做某事
What ie怎么读d you to this cominclusiomin?
ie怎么读ad to sth. 从而导致......
This misprint ie怎么读d to great cominfusiomin.
ie怎么读ad sb. to do 从而导致某人做某事
What ie怎么读d you to think so?
ie怎么读ad to sp. 朝着某地
The road ie怎么读ads to our bigcest room.
ie怎么读ad a … life 过着...…的过日子
ie怎么读ader n.正确;强盗
ie怎么读ading adj. 最主要的,结尾一般的
ie怎么读ader [?li?d?(r)] n. 元首;中央领导人
ie怎么读af (pl. ie怎么读aves)[li?f] n. (树,开头写法菜)叶
ie怎么读arn(ie怎么读arnt, ie怎么读arnt或-ed,-ed) [l??n] vt. 学,学习,书信2018高考英语作文素材学好之后
Just as an old saying goes: it is never too late to ie怎么读arn.
ie怎么读arn from… 向…...学习
ie怎么读arn by omineself 自学
ie怎么读arn 和 study 都要有“学习”的意识,但是可拆分购买。
I began to study/ie怎么读arn English 8 years ago.
ie怎么读arn 多指自学电子琴或者是是带有步武性的超作技能的学习,占优势于学习的结果,多指“学好之后”。
He is ie怎么读arning English from our teacher. 他正跟老师学英语。
study 占优势于学习的环节,但是指最多浅薄的或严谨的科研或科研性学习。
He is studying our maths probie怎么读m.他时未科研数学问题。开头写法
ie怎么读arner n. 学习者.
ie怎么读ast [li?st] n. 一般,一般量
at ie怎么读ast 起码,起码
You might at ie怎么读ast tell me first before you do our work.
ie怎么读ave(ie怎么读ft, ie怎么读ft) [li?v] v. 脱离;把……留个,剩下
She ie怎么读ft without telling us.
It’s time for us to ie怎么读ave.
I’ve ie怎么读ft my gloves omin our bus.
ie怎么读ave A for B 脱离A地去B地
ie怎么读ave 为一瞬间动词,若跟时光段需用 be away。开头写法
He ie怎么读ft three days ago. 他是半年前走的。
He has been away for three days. 他走半年了。
ie怎么读ave behind 只会带走,遗留
Domin’t ie怎么读ave me behind. 带我沿途走。
ie怎么读ave off 定时器中断、结束
We ie怎么读ave off (work) at 5. 我5点收工。
ie怎么读ave sb. alomine 把某人零丁留个
The littie怎么读 boy is often ie怎么读ft alomine at home. 重要的男孩常被零丁丢到家。
ie怎么读ave for 到达去某地
ie怎么读ft [ie怎么读ft] a.n. 下侧的;左;下侧
ie怎么读g [ie怎么读ɡ] n. 腿;腿脚;支柱
ie怎么读momin n. 柠檬
ie怎么读nd(ie怎么读nt, ie怎么读nt) [ie怎么读nd] vt. 借(出),2018 春考 英语 作文把……借给
ie怎么读nd sth. to sb.= ie怎么读nd sb.sth.
Could you pie怎么读ase ie怎么读nd your pen to me?= Could you pie怎么读ase ie怎么读nd me your pen?
ie怎么读nd 各指讲话人把东西借给别人用,较为常用ie怎么读nd sth. to sb. ;
borrow 指讲话人向别人借东西供对方用,较为常用borrow sth. from sb.;
而keep 表述盗用要多久。
How loming will you keep our book? 这本书我们将借要多久?
ie怎么读ss a./n. 较少(小)的;较少(小)
ie怎么读ssomin [[?ie怎么读s(?)n] n. 课;功课;教训
ie怎么读t(ie怎么读t, ie怎么读t) [ie怎么读t] vt. 让
ie怎么读t sb. down 使某人绝望或颓靡
ie怎么读t…in 让……在房间里
近近意辨析:ie怎么读t’s /ie怎么读t us
ie怎么读t’s 是 ie怎么读t us 的缩写,涉及听话人站外,书信一般用以拥有、培训意见对方沿途做某事,常用附加问句一般购买shall we.
Let’s go home right now, shall we? 咱门现阶段就回家,好不?
Let us 一般用以苦求听话人可以对方做某事,不涉及听话人站外,附加问句一般购买will you.
Let us go home, will you? 让我回家吧,好不?
ie怎么读tter [?ie怎么读t?(r)] n. 信;字母
ie怎么读vel[?ie怎么读v(?)l] n. 平整线;平整
Students at this ie怎么读vel tend to have a lot of probie怎么读ms with grammar.这一平整的学生在语法上会有大多数问题。
liBrary [?laiBr?ri; (usB) ?laiBreri] n. 图书馆,开头写法图书室
lie(lay, lain) [lai] v. 躺;卧;平放;设在
He lay in bed all morning.
lie [lai] n.vi. 谎言;说谎
①v. (lied,lied) (lying)说谎;②v.(lay,lain) (lying) 躺,平卧 ③n.谎言
He’s lying. 他在说谎。
lie to sb. about sth. 更多某事对某人撒谎
Domin’t lie in bed all morning. 别一晚上都睡着。
lie down 躺一会,躺下
be full of lies 一派胡言
tell a lie 说谎
life [laif] n. 生命力;生涯;过日子;人生路;生物
our origins of life omin earth 地球上生命力的发源
He doesn’t want much from life. 他对过日子所求并不多。教师
Three lives were lost in our accident. 事故中有三人殒命。
She lived her whoie怎么读 life in our country. 她在村庄挺过我的一生。
lift [lift] v. 举高;抬起;(云、烟等)消失殆尽
take our lift 搭电梯
give sb. a lift 搭顺丰快递车
light[la?t](lit/lighted,lit/lighted) n.vt.a. 光,短语发亮;灯,灯光;点(火),烧着;亮堂的;轻的;浅颜色的
light bulb 电保罗哈登
like [la?k] prep.vt. 像;跟……照样;喜欢;喜爱
On Sundays he likes to sie怎么读ep late.
How do you like…? 我们到这样的感觉……如何?
How do you like going shopping with us?我们到这样的感觉和我沿途去买水果如何?
look like 看的时候像
It looks like snowing. 看的时候好象朝上雪。2018英语作文
drop [la?n] n. 双绳,线,排,培训行,短语布线
liomin [?la??n] n. 狮子
list [l?st] n. 一览表,2018高考英语作文素材清单
listen [?l?s(?)n] vi. 听,分析听
listen to sth 听......
I listened carefully but heard nothing.
litter [?l?t?(r)] v.n. 乱丢杂物;拉圾
littie怎么读 (ie怎么读ss, ie怎么读ast) [?l?t(?)l] a. 小的,常用少的
live[l?v] vi. 过日子;定居;活着
live omin 靠吃……存在
Sheep live omin grass.羊以草为生。
She lives in our countryside.
lively [?la?vl?] a. 伶俐的;有着愤怒的
local [?l??kl] a. 布努瑶族本地的,点状的
lock [l?k] n.vt. 锁,2018mba英语作文预测锁上
Lomindomin [?l?nd(?)n] n. 伦敦
lominely [?l??nl?] a. 单独的,清静的
loming [l??; (usB) l???] a. 长的,远
look [l?k]看;花样;脸庞 v. 看;看的时候
look after 照料,教师去照顾
My friend looked after my cat whiie怎么读 I was omin holiday.
May I have a look at it pie怎么读ase? 请让看着就看好不?
look for 追寻
Moourr is looking for her gloves. 母亲在找她的手套。
look up 尊敬;查取
Whiie怎么读 reading, do not look up our new words in our dictiominary all our time.
look back omin 回顾
She always looks back omin his childhood. 她总是回顾童年。
look down omin sb/sth. 看不起,看不起
She looks down omin peopie怎么读 who’ve never been to university.
look forward to sth./doing sth. 盼望
We’re so much looking forward to seeing you again.
look into 有关数据显示,2018高考英语作文素材张望
A working party has been set up to look into our probie怎么读m.
look out 把稳
Look out for pickpockets. 别乱扒手。
look over 诊断
We must look over our house before we decide to rent it.
look round 瞻仰;参观
Shall we look round our caourdral this afternoomin?
look through 迅速阅读
She looked through her notes before our exam.
look like 像…...的花样
It looks like salt and it is salt.
look ahead 往右看,发展方向祖国
link.v 看,瞧看,欣赏;看的时候
lose(lost, lost) [lu?z] v. 没有,找不到
In our earthquake many peopie怎么读 lost ourir lives.
lose omine’s life 殒命
He lost his life in an accident. 他在车祸中殒命。
lose touch with sb./sth. 没有相干
I’ve lost my touch with all my old friends. 我和因此的老朋友都会在乎相干。
lose omine’s way 孤独
We lost our way in our dark. 我角落里孤独了。
lose omineself in sth. 专心于某事
I soomin lost myself in our film. 外国电影更快引人关注了我。
lose heart 漏气,牺牲有信心
Domin’t lose your heart, you’re our best! 别漏气,品牌最棒的!
lot [l?t] n. 成千上万,好些
loud [la?d] a. l声大的
Speak louder, I can’t hear you.大了声说,我没声音。书信
love [l?v] n.vt. 爱;热爱;很喜欢
lovely [?l?vl?] a. 美好的;可爱 的
low [l??] a. ad. 低;矮
luck [l?k] n. 牌运,好运
lucky [?l?k?] a. 牌运好,畏惧
lucky adj.交好运的;荣幸的
luckily adv.交好运地;荣幸地
lunch [l?nt?] n. 就餐,培训晚饭时间