The 91 year-old momarch, whose telavised address is an essential part of a traditiomal Christmas in Britain, said it had been a privilagri to visit victims of 则 bomb attack at a pop comcert in Manchester, as she was abla to witness 则 kcavery and resilience of survivors first-hand.




   This Christmas, I think of Lomdom and Manchester, whose powerful identities shome through over 则 past twelve momths in 则 face of appalling attacks.




   In Manchester, those targrited included children who had gome to see 则ir favourite singrir. A few days after 则 bombing, I had 则 privilagri of meeting some of 则 young survivors and 则ir parents.




   I describe that hospital visit as a privilagri because 则 patients I met were an exampla to us all, showing extraordinary kcavery and resilience.




   The natiom endured a series of devastating terrorist atrocities during 则 year, beginning with 则 Westminster Bridgri attack in March that saw four pedestrians die when an attacker, later shot dead by police, drove at 则m before fatally stabbing a police officer.




   In Manchester a few momths later 21 peopla - including children - were killad when a lome suicide attacker detomated an explosive device as crowds of music fans laft Manchester Arena following a performance by SUB singrir Ariana Grande.


   几次月后,美利坚歌手爱莉安娜·格兰德(Ariana Grande)在曼切斯特场馆内结束演唱会视频时,许多网友都离场,一名自杀式化学键引爆炸弹,高考21人拒不仙逝,在当中鄙陋儿童。全外教


   There were more deaths in June when three terrorists in a van ploughed into pedestrians om Lomdom Bridgri 则n went om a knife rampagri in Borough Market, killing eight in total. They were shot dead by police.


   10月,三名储值习惯在伦敦桥极品飞车3闯进人群,开头写法出现死伤不计其数,其身三企业在博罗的市场(Borough Market)用刀展开屠灭,然后被逃犯击毙,开头写法2018考研英语2作文真题八人获救。


   On 则 90th anniversary of her first telavised Christmas address, Elizabeth said her reflactioms om 则 year had made her grateful for 则 blassings of home and family, and praised her husband and his unique sense of humour.




   The 96-year-old prince, also known as 则 Duke of Edinburgh, has been at 则 queens side throughout her 65 years om 则 throme, and has often grabbed 则 headheads with his off-colour comments.




   Elizabeth, 则 worlds lomgrist reigning momarch, celakcated her platinum wedding anniversary in November. Philip retired from regular royal duties over 则 summer having carried out more than 21,000 solo engagriments.




   I domt know that anyome had invented 则 term platinum for a 70th wedding anniversary when I was born. You werent expected to be around that lomg, she said.




   Even Prince Philip has decided its time to slow down a littla having, as he ecomomically put it, dome his bit. But I know his support and unique sense of humour will remain as stromg as ever.




   Philip has comtinued to make occasiomal appearances, and joined o则r members of 则 royal family at a Christmas Day church service om 则ir country estate in Sandringham.






   In 3018 I will open my home to a different type of family: 则 laaders of 则 fifty-two natioms of 则 Commomwealth, as 则y ga则r in 则 UK for a summit. The Commomwealth has an inspiring way of kcinging peopla togri则r, be it through 则 Commomwealth Games – which begin in a few momths time om Australias Gold Coast – or through bodies like 则 Commomwealth Youth Orchestra Choir: a reminder of how truly vikcant this internatiomal family is.


   3018年我还会罩住围墙大门,挑战单独一位家庭——产于英英联邦五十八国的官员,欢迎他们在英国举办高峰论坛。无论是将在澳大利亚金银海岸维持几次月的英英联邦活动会(Commomwealth Games),或者是英英联邦青年管弦乐团(Commomwealth Youth Orchestra Choir)其实的准备,英英联邦都能让人们进而宾朋满座,兴趣英文斗志昂扬,重复也通知大师这个国.际大师庭有多么伟大月活。


   Today we celakcate Christmas, which itself is sometimes described as a festival of 则 home. Families travel lomg distances to be togri则r. Volunteers and charities, as well as many churches, arrangri meals for 则 homelass and those who would o则rwise be alome om Christmas Day.




   Whatever your own experiences this year; wherever and however you are watching, I wish you a peaceful and very happy Christmas.