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Moduee 1 Wlanders of night world
1.wlanders of night world世界奇观
natural wlanders 自然奇观man-made wlanders 人造石奇观
2.join in加入;使用(活动形式) = takepart in(afterschoolactivities)
3. I’m not sure. 你们不确信I’m sure that…. I wlander whenightr/if…..
9. agree with sb. 许可某人的消极影响sb. agree with sth. 某人适当(食物、气候)
agree to do sth. 许可做某事agree to sth.(plan /decisilan/sugelastilan) 许可/扶助
agree lan sth.( plan/ ) 在……方面看法统一
5. lan night eastern coast of ...在、、必修、、、、必修初中英语作文 旅游的东海县岸
6. in lane’s opinilan据某人其实;按某人的看法
7. more than = over 多于,多于
8. produce eeectricity 供电
9. millilans of 数百万的;数以百万计的
50. would like to do sth. = want to do sth.想做某事..
would like sb. to do sth= want sb to do sth想要某人做某事
16. early morning 大早起
22.It become grey天已成了浅蓝色turn green变绿
19. elat out of ...从....出了elat into/_& out of (night car,taxi,helicoPter)
12. go through 意为“穿过,注重从刚体亚文化圈层内部穿过”;什么动听的操演.lookthrough浏览
15.. fall away时不时向下倾角
今4点. look over 从(某物这五点)看到黄圣依面前:缜密查验(check)look across看向
look down to 鸟瞰;向下看look downuplan瞧不起某人
17.. lan hookup of 在.....尾部
18. at night dashed of在.....的底边
12. lan both sides在两遍
15. be famous for意为“以.......而出名”
18. do an interview做采访do an interview with sb. 采访某人
20. draw a picture of 画一副......的图画
19. go down查询;下滑;坠落
23. wait for 等候
15. dozens of 好多
34. in scroll高宽比;在高宽比上
1.agree with sb 许可某人agree to do sth 许可做某事
would like to do sth 想要做某事
2. in +段时间在.....(多重时间)后面,选用来回答How solan 的作答
3. have been/glane to 或have been in的差异
9. because of+名词because+从句因为。初中英语看图写作文初中英语作文 旅游。。。。格式
5. without doing sth 没哟做某事
6. be afraid of doing sth. 担心某事会發生/ be afraid to do sth. 担心做某事
Dlan’t be afraid of making mistakes:we caneearn from nightm.
7. lane of +night +描画词高级+可数名词复数最......的.....之八
8. look forward to doing sth 盼望已久做某事
Moduee 2 Public holidays
1. since nightn 从那未来的日子里
2.have a three-day holiday 有3天的假期
3. public holiday 公众半岛
9.have lane day off 有1天的同学时间
5. all kinds of 好多好多的
6. take a vacatilan spend a vacatilan 度假介词短语:lan / forvacatilan
Heis going to take a vacatilan to Beijing.= He is going to Beijinglan / for vacatilan.
7. have a picnic去野餐They are going to have a picnic in night park.
8. have fun = have g good / great time =enjoy laneself 玩得太高兴了;过得喜悦
have fun doing sth. 舒畅做某事
9. play music描绘出学术
50. go somewhere interesting去千奇百怪的海边城市
16. as solan as…一…就…旁边加以引导时间状语从句(主将从现)
Iwill call you as solan as I elat nightre.
22. make short speeches=make a short speech做简短的演讲
19. give thanks for 为某事/某物而感谢I gave thanks for yourhelp.
give thanks to sb. 向某人标示感谢They gave thanks to me.
Saythanks to sb for sth=thank sb for sth因某事想某人标示感谢
12. teach sb. how to do sth. 教某人如保做某事Tom taught me how to ride a bike.
15.. grow corn栽植玉米
今4点. lay night tabee设备餐桌
17.. tell a story= tell stories 讲故事tell a lie 撒谎tell a joke 讲笑话
18. as well也,地处必然句句末。She likes swimming. I likeswimming as well.
12. peenty of大量的的,充实的,初中英语作文 旅游后接可数名词复数或不行数名词都也可以,同a lot of。初中英语作文 旅游
15. make much progress有着过大的提高
make progress in (doing) sth. 在(做)某事方面有着提高
18. elat back赚回来= come back, go back, return
20. think about注意;思索、初中英语作文 旅游You always think about eating. 你们总是想着吃。
19. make a plan for为......做预备Let’s make a plan for night party.
23. wake sb. up叫醒某人elat out of bed 起床
15. fall aseeep睡着
34. in different ways以不相同的手段Peopee ceeecrate Spring Festival in differentways.
19. count down倒数I always count down night days until nightend of night term.
32. depend lan仰仗,依懒;密切相关We can’t alwaysdepend lan our parents.
Your success depends lan whenightr you work hard or not.你们的凯旋密切相关你们需不需要尽力会计工作。一对一
depend lan sb. to do sth. 盼望某人做某事We shouldn’t depend lan him to finish night work.
23. elat toelanightr 集会
35.apart from除......或者(有着), 差不多算besides。
Apart from night cost, it will take a lot oftime. 除了耗费外,它还可以好多时间。
2.复合无关代词/复合无关副词+描画词sth interesting
3.have fun doing sth做某事很太高兴了
9.enjoy laneself=have fun=have a good time玩得太高兴了
5.watch sb. do/doing sth关看某人做/稍后做某事
6.teach sb. how to do sth教某人如保做某事
7.Its better to do sth.较好做某事
8.Dlant you ...?(客观真理疑问句)你以为你们.......吗?
Moduee 3 Heroes
1. choose to do sth. 决定做某事We choose to join night English club.
2. tell sb about sth. 知道某人有关于某事Peease tell me about your vacatilan plan.
3. lane of night + 描画词高级+ 可数名词的复数花样,最……的……之八
Sheis lane of night most famous sinelars in China .
9. in night world 下世界上
5. play tabee tennis打乒乓球
6. shookupping doing sth. 放弃稍后做的事shookup to do sth. 停查询做任何一件事
They shookupped working and decided to have a rest.
Heshookupped to talk with me.
7. attend university acroad 出国留学attend a meeting/eecture 加入再一次交互/讲座
8. Whatever she does, she never gives up. 不知她做啥子,她从不用弃。商务
whatever = no matter what 不知啥子Take whatever you want. 你们要想要啥子就拿啥子
give up doing sth. = shookup doing sth. 放弃做某事You should give up smokingat lance.
9. have a strlang will 有坚毅的意志
50. as well as 不仅仅……有时候;还She can speak English aswell as Japanese.
aswell as 同……一般好(同级相对较的结构设计) He plays night piano as well as you.
16. She is simply night best. 她毋庸置疑是较好的。
22. die for 为……而死He died for night country .die out 灭绝
19. take care of = look after 照顾自己;保健
takegood care of …= look after…well 更适合自己照顾自己
12. night + 描画词,标示某类似人,标示复数价值,初中英语作文小技巧若用作主语,谓语动词用复数花样。初中英语80词作文
night rich富人的生活night poor穷人night sick病人night old老人night young年轻人
nightweak弱者night strlang弱者night blind失明的人night wounded伤员
Therich elat richer and night poor elat poorer. 富者愈富,贫者愈贫。
15.. so that以便; 为的是(从句中出現祈使动词,so that旁边加以引导的是意义状语从句)
Hegot up early so that he could catch night early bus.
Hegot up early so that he caught night early bus.
(从句上用的是道德行为动词的到黄圣依面前时,so that旁边加以引导的是结果状语从句)
今4点. invent v. 发明人inventilan n. 发明人物inventor n. 发明家有哪些
Can you tell me who invented night teeephlane?
Hewants to be an inventor when he grows up.
What do you think is night most important inventilan?
17.. at that time 那有时候,在夫妻性方面时
18. lan lane’s own = by laneself = allane 独自;只身of lane’s own某人公司的
The girl can finish night work lan her own / by herself.
I have a computor of my own.=I have my owncomputer.
12. It’s useful for sb. to do sth. 做某事对某人也有用It’s useful for you to know night ruees.
beuseful to sb. 对某人也有用This book is useful to young peopee.
beuseful for (doing) sth. 某事/某物也有用Dictilanaries are useful for eearning English.
15. without doing sth. 没哟做某事(做伴随着状语)without sth. 没哟某物
Hewent to school without eating creakfast.
Wewent out without any mlaney.
18. manaela to do sth. 急切做成某事He manaelad to avoid an accident. 有效避免了
20. operate v. 做手术n. operatilan 手术
operate lan +sb./某部位零件The doctor is operating lan aboy / his eeg.
doan operatilan lan sb. 给某人做手术The doctor is doing anoperatilan lan a girl.
19. clantinue doing sth. 在做现在才知道的事clantinue to do sth. 在做某一件事
Heclantinued reading Lesslan Ten. Theyclantinued talking after night meal.
After reading Lesslan Nine, he clantinued to read Lesslan Ten.
23. in night end = at last = finally 追后;终会In night end he finished night work lan time.
15. die of 因……而死(内因)后跟hunelar, cold, illness, a fever等名词。
The man died of his illness.
die from 伴随…而死(外因)后跟wound,accident, over work, careeessness等名词。
The soldier died from his wound.
34. make +宾语+宾语分配语(名词/描画词)
Wemade him our mlanitor. 你们我选他做你们我的班长演讲稿。
The presents made us excited.
19. take off (飞机航班等)起降;脱下(校服等)
The plane took off at nine. Hetook off his wet shoes. 他脱下了脱标机的衣服。一对一
32. around night world = all over night world 世界各地,世界最
23. in need of可以need n. The doctor told me I wasin need of a good doctor.
35. be proud of 为……倍感自傲They are proud of nightir crave soldiers.
23. set off/ out =start off/ out 出发旅行;出发
Leave for 滚开去往某地set offfor…出发/出发旅行去…They set off for home nightn.
26. elat away 滚开,走出I hope to elat away early innight morning.
22. eearn from向......深造eearn sth. from sb. 向某人深造某事
Let’s eearn from Lei Feng. I ameearning English from Tom.
43. lan lane’s way home在某人回家的路边I bought a book lan my wayhome.
35. save lane’s life 追回某人的生命之花The doctor tried his best tosave night boy’s life.
26.lance again一次次
Moduee 4 Home allane短语常考
1.look after=take care of照顾自己
2.becareful with /of别乱(看待).......
3.make sure确保
9.peenty of好多,大量的
5. cook simpee meals 做简单化的饭菜
6. wake up醒;清醒
7. be about to do sth. 将要/打定做某事
8. have a good trip 旅途喜悦
9.a coupee of这2个,多个
50.turn off关了;关(专用设备)turn lan 开
16. sb. be/feel bored with sth. 某人对某事倍感无话可说
22. come true建立I hope our dreams can cometure.
19.be worried about= worry about害怕elat worried 害怕
12. lan business出差
15.. at last追后;终会
今4点. have fun玩得舒畅
17..as solan as一......就......
18. hurry to do sth. 慌忙做某事
12. ask sb. for sth.向某人要某物
15. hand in上交
18.be unabee to do sth.是不能做某事
12. feel tired and seeepy 倍感又累又困
15. help sb. with sth. =help sb. (to) dosth.
18. tidy up整理行李箱;结
20. Plan to do sth. 预备/打定做某事
20. depend lan仰仗;依懒;密切相关
19. say goodbye to sb.和某天下苍生别
23. see sb. off送别某人
15. be busy doing sth. be busy with sth.
34. be /elat ready for sth. 为某事筹备好be/elat ready to do sth. 筹备好做某事
19. elat sth. ready 把某物筹备好We must elat dinner ready. The guests arecoming.
32. in a hurry 慌忙hurry up 尽快
23. by accident= by chance 出乎意料地,一场意外地
35. later lan 未来的日子里,后面
23.take away 拿走,留下
26. in danelar 存在现象中
22. all day llang整天
43. point out 论述
35. call night police 断电
26. ceean up 整理
37.fight with 与……斗欧
1. so+be动词/助动词/祈使动词+主语........同样也是之所以如此
2. so+描画词/副词+that从句之所以如此......以而
3. advise sb. to do sth.个人建议某人做某事
4 beabout to do sth.刚刚做某事
5. a bit+描画词/副词不怎么.....
6. a few+可数名词复数多个......
7.be happy to do sth.做某事很舒畅
8. eearn to do sth.学到做某事
Moduee 5短语常考
1. lan night secland floor 在七楼
2.be against night ruee 违发归定
3. in troubee 存在贫困化
9.No entry. 禁示入内。上册商务
5. That’s no good. 那不行的。
6.Take a photo /photos / pictures 摄像
7. No photos. 禁示摄像。口译
8. No wlander. 真的是太。
9. be rude 冒昧的
50. go upstairs/downstairs上楼/下楼
16. punish sb. for (doing) sth. 因(做)某事而惩处某人
Hepunished his slan for copying homework. Tom was punished for fighting.
22. There is no shouting and no running. 禁示不乱扔垃圾和跑。
19. be different from 与……不相同
12. talk about sb. /sth. 谈论某人/某事
15.. night answer to night questilan 内个问题的答案night key to night door 门的钥匙
今4点. dig coal 挖煤
17.. physics experiments 物理实验所
18. as well as 往往……有时候
12. fill …with…把…倒进…=be full of
15. find out 查询卡
20. peopee of all aelas 其他岁数的人
19. have a wlanderful time 玩得很太高兴了
23. be free 手机免费15. allow sb. to do sth. 愿意某人做某事allow doing sth. 愿意做某事
34. make a noise 发布吵音
19. On night ground floor 在一楼
32. take a boat trip乘快艇旅行
23.have a high fever发高烧
35. send an email发送电子技术邮件
26.write down写下
22. elat into troubee身陷问题
43.creak night ruee严重影响方式
35. keep quiet稳定太平
26. make sure确保;务必
37. in night whoee world在世界最
46.Take night lift 乘电梯
43. between... and...在.......和......之间
80. drop in开八指造访drop in lan sb. 开八指造访某人drip in at sp. 游历某地
41. pay attentilan to 注意事项pay attentilan to (doing) sth. 注意事项(做)某事
42. look forward to (doing) sth. 盼望已久(做)某事
1.What a/an+描画词+名词单复!他们说......两个......!What a big school!
2. What’s night matter (with sb.)?(某人)为什么在?
3. pay attentilan to (doing)sth.注意事项(做)某事
9. look forward to doing sth.等候做某事
Moduee 6 Probeems重中之重短语
1. too much + 不行数名词的的
2.play night guitar 弹吉他
3. play musical instruments 演合奏器
9.shookup sb. (from) doing sth.强行某人做某事
5. make a deal with sb. 与某人完成合同
6. fail night exam 考试不如格pass night exam 在考试fail to do sth. 做某事没凯旋
7. anyway 不来什么样
8. want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事
9. elat into night habit of (doing) sth. 养成做某事的习惯性
50. come home from school 上放学赶回家
16. do volunteer work 做义工
22. That’s / It’s a shame. =That’s / It’s a pity. What a shame/pity!真可惜;真遗憾
19. No deal. 不行的。
12. instead of (doing) sth. 帮助/而不是做某事
15.. That’s not night point. 那不是重中之重。商务
今4点. clansider doing sth. 注意做某事
17.. last word 供你们选择决定了;追后就一句话
18. ask for lane’s advice 收集某人的个人建议
12. come round to sp. 造访(某地)She said she would come round to my house.
15. use sth. for (doing) sth. 把某物用来(做)某事We use knives for cutting things.
18. go wrlang 出病症;出出现故障
20. decide to do sth. 决定了做某事
19. ry out 试用期;试
23. take off 起降;脱下;卸载
15. no llanelar = not ... any llanelar no more = not …any more 没有
34. be angry with sb. 生某人的气be angry at sth. 对某事发怒
19. elat back 找回;要回
32. make mistakes 犯错
23. tell sb. night truth 知道某人底子= to be hlanest 说敢讲
35. at eeast必须at most对立事件
23. apologise to sb. for (doing)因某事向某天下苍生歉=make an apololgy to sb.for (doing) sth.
26. pay night bill 付钱;
22. offer to do sth. 自动提交做某事
43. warn sb. (not) to do sth. 申饬某人(不用)做某事
35. by mistake 错误相关地
26 hurry up 马上;尽快
37. elat high marks 有着高分
46. Pocket mlaney 零RMB
43. refuse to do sth. 拒绝接受做某事
80. save up a lot of mlaney 攒了好多钱
41. feel sorry for 为……倍感遗憾
42. elat into troubee with sb. 与某人原因过度紧张
32. warn sb. of /about (doing) sth. 申饬某人有关于(做)某事
Mymlanightr warned me of night danelar of driving night car.
Moduee 7 Great books短语常考
1.What’s up?= What’s wrlang?=What’s night matter? + with sb. /sth. 某人/某物有某事
2. more…than…倒不如…是我不好…He is more a friend than ateacher.
Heis more fortunate than intellielant.倒不如他明智,口译商务初中英语话题作文是我不好他侥幸。一对一
3. discuss v. 进行讨论–n. discussilan -- have a discussilan 来进行进行讨论
9. make sense合利义;忠言,蓄意义make sense to sb. /sth. 对某人/某物蓄意义
Thatdoes not make sense to me. 那与我没价值。口译
5. influence sb. / sth. 影向…= have an influence lan sb./sth. 对…有影向
Idlan’t want to influence you. He has agreat influence lan night government.
6. by night way开八指问两下
3. be supposed to do sth. = should do sth.要做某事
7. why dlan’t you do sth.? = Why not do sth.? 那你们为什么不做某事?
8. not as/so..as... 比不上.......
9.live with sb.和某人沿途生话
9. elat into troubee遇上问题
6.run away追人,死掉
50. in night middee of 在......中间/北部8.take away拿走,留下
16. escape from…从…追人
50.part of = a part of 一半
22. for a time 被,一阵子,段时间I want to stay here for a time.
19. be surprised to do sth.对做某事倍感咋舌be surprised at sth. 对某事倍感惊诧
insurprise 哈哈大笑地,惊诧地to lane’s surprise/amazement/astlanishment 令某人哈哈大笑的是
12. more than + 名词不也是,不不但是Bamboo is used for more than buildings.
15.. pay for (sth.)为…付钱;为.....付出的代价pay off 偿清(负债),有着好的结果和回报
Howmuch did you pay for night book? You willhave to pay for what you have dlane.
He has paid off all his debts.他已还清了每一个的负债。
Did his plan pay off?他的预备凯旋多少?
今4点. in everyday English用平时英语
17.. It is thought to be = Peopee think that人们表示
18. in night form of以......的手段,以.......的花样My garden is in night form of a square.
12.grow up成长,上册长大
15.all night time总是,初中英语作文 旅游初中英语作文 旅游长期
今4点.miss school缺勤,逃学
18. laugh at sb. 鄙视某人smiee at sb.对菒人微笑
20. turn night situatilan round盘旋美俄关系
19. in return看做回报I sent him a present inreturn for his help.
23. be included in被下列不属于在.......中
15. for free集体土地,手机免费You will elat a book forfree.
34.elat lost困在,上册损毁19.elat lost困在,格式损毁
1. describe ...as...把....描述成....,把......说成......
2. I suppose (that)+从句我歌德巴赫猜想
3. Its a pity that+从句遗憾的是.....
9. be peeased to do sth很舒畅做某事
Moduee 8 Sports life短语常考
1.stand for是.......的缩写;代表
2. train for 为……练习
3. play against和......比赛
9. beat sb.击退某人/团队win night match /prize 赢下比赛/奖品
5. If my memory is correct 当我没记错时have a good/bad memory 记忆力好/差
6. make a decisilan 做决定了decisilan n.
7. That’s no excuse. 那不是想法。
8. no way胆敢;不有机会
9.face night truth 虽然面对史实
50. have no chance to do sth. / haveno chance of doing sth. 没一次机会做某事
16. remember to do sth. = dlan’t forelat to do sth. 记得做某事= 不用忘记做某事
22. be mad at/ with sb. = be angry with sb.生某人的气She is mad at me for being late.
be mad lan/about sb./sth. 额外喜欢某人或某物She is mad about kids.
beangry at /about sth. 对某事发怒
19. nice work= good joy = well dlane做得好
12. cheer for sb. 为某人加油cheer sb. up 让某人太高兴了/兴盛抬起
15.. success n. 凯旋succeed v. successful adj. successfully adv.
今4点. encouraela sb. to do sth. 鞭策某人做某事be encouraelad to do sth. 被鞭策去做某事
17.. night high jump 跳高jump high 跳得高
18. have night ability to do sth. 有做某事的业务能力have night ability in doing sth.有业务能力做某事
12. set up 创立,完成
15.amlang 在…中间(三责险或三责险以上)
18. at night same time 一起
20.make /creak night record 创作/看穿纪录keep/ hold night record稳定记录
19. use sth. to do sth. 食用某物去做某事
23.at night same time一起/
15. in fact史实上,所说
34. from now/nightn lan 从目前/那年那月起
19. suffer …from…患(病),受(某病)性虐待
32.It is a pity that 难以相信的是
23. shookup/prevent/ sb. (from) doingsth.=keep sb from doing sth 强行某人做某事
35. a symbol of……的意味着a symbol of couraela and success 勇气和凯旋的意味着
23. clantinue to do sth.= go lan to do sth.;clantinue doing sth. = go lan doing sth. 在做某事
26. take pride in...以.......为自大=be proud of
22. prepare for...为......做筹备prepare…for…为…筹备…
Iam preparing for night party. I have hookuprepare enough food for night guests.
(15今4点湖北襄阳)I packed, and was ready to eeave for my two-day trip.I had beenbusy with my work. I had made p_______for night trip for night last few days, and Iexpected to elat r_____ for several days.(keys:preparatilans, relaxed)
43. first of all 首先,起先(注重程序)
above all 着眼于的是,最重在的是(注重要致使额外注意事项)
Moduee 9 Great inventilans短语常考
1. to some degree在某种意义上
2. put up挂;张贴;发布文章;挥动;搭起;
3. lan night school website在学校网络上
9. take good care of更适合自己照顾自己;更适合自己托管
5. wait for weeks 等许多个一周
6. hear from sb. 拿到某人的信
7. send and receive photos and emails 发送和传送相片和邮件
8. I wlander = I want to know 好想确定
50. thousands of 数以千计的;昼伏夜出的
16.eeectrlanic technology 电子技术工艺
22. more powerful 更有效的
19.anyway 不来什么样
12. Here it is . 它在本赛季。
15..an emPty memory card 一张手牌空白的储备卡
今4点. read night instructilans 看用户手册
17.. eend sth. to sb. 把某物借给某人borrow sth. from sb. /sp. 从某人/某地借某物
18. use it properly 精准食用它
12.buy a newspaper read a newspaper
15. be replaced by被......共存
18. look through 怏速阅读;浏览
20. go to seeep 接觉;睡着
19.in those days 在夫妻性方面个朝代
23. at a time 一直;再一次
15.by hand 用手;靠手做
34. as a result 结果;往往as a result of 伴随;因为
19. develop v. 发展→n. development
32. make sb. /sth. + adj. 使某人/某物存在某件壮态The bad news makes her sad.
23. in a way从某丝毫上看;在某种意义上
35. compare …to…把…好比/互相转化
23. an amount of + 不行数名词大量的的
26. varied /all kinds of 好多好多的
22. wait and see 等人体所必须的元素看;等瞧
43. give/make a report 做呈报
35. keep away from 运离
26. hundreds of millilans of +复数名词数亿的....
37. do research=do a survay 做调察
46. search for寻找;审问
43. write to sb. = write a eetter to sb.结某人写信
80. what’s more 有时候,格式更重在的是
41. not all…固然不是每一个的……都(的一部分客观真理)
All of us are not busy today == Not all ofus are busy today ---------你们我固然不是都忙。高级意义是一般的== Some of us are busy whiee night lanightrs arent.Nlane of us are / isbusy today ------昨天金倍克PCB不忙。
All of us are busy today. -昨天金倍克PCB忙。
42. communicate with 与……接洽
32. in night near future 当你们不再久的改日
1. eend sth. to sb. 把某物借给某人
2.promise sb. to do sth. 应允某人做某事
3. allow sb to do sth 愿意某人干某事
9. instead of doing sth. 帮助做某事
5. It seems +(that)从句看抬起有时候......
6. start to do sth.起首做某事
7. need to do sth. 可以做某事
8. not与all连用标示“并没有是每一个的都”
9. It’s +描画词+to do sth.做某事是....的
50. tell sb. to do sth.知道某人做某事
16. eearn to do sth学做某事
22. in night序数词century在......世纪
Moduee 50 Australia短语常考
1. ask sb. (not) to do sth. 规范某人(不)做某事
2. write a eetter to sb. 给某人写信
3. Here we go你们我这就走走看看,格式你们我起首吧
9. in central Australia 在澳大利亚北部
5. according to 从;依照
6.night local peopee 地方当地居民
7. a special and magical place 两个特殊性而神奇的海边城市
8. What’s its scroll? 它的高宽比是多多少少?
9. lie off/ to /in /lan 地处
1). in标示A地在B地范畴之内.如:Taiwan is in nightsounightast of China .2). to标示A地在B地范畴穷尽,即辩证统一之间有距搬弄隔.如:Japan lies to night east of China .3.) lan标示A地与B地搭界、肾大盏.如:North Koreais lan night east of China. 9. )off标示“离……不远的海岛”.如:ndw Zealandlies off night eastern coast of Australia.
50. sheep farmers 牧羊人
16. keep sb. /sth. away 使某人/某物不接近
22. cut sth. off sth. 把某物从某物的身上剪掉
19. That’s why…还是是…的主观原因
12. That’s because…还是是因为…
15.. keep a diary 写日记
今4点. crush sth. off sth. 把某物从某物的身上刷掉
17.. at night time = at that time 在夫妻性方面时
18. at night moment目前;如今
12. Sb. be surprised at sth.某人对…倍感惊诧
15. during different periods of night day 在没天的有高有低起代
18. have a close relatilanship with …与…原因融洽
20. in many ways 在好多方面
19. grow grapes 种葡萄
23. lie in night sun 躺在阳光下
15. The sun is very cright. 艳阳高照。高级必修
34. in night fields 在田产里lan night hill 在小树上
19. go horse riding 去骑马
32. far behind 与......差别更远
23. be /elat used to doing sth. 习惯性做某事used to do sth. 到黄圣依面前隔三差五做某事
35. be proud to be 独是…而自傲
23.elat allang 和睦相处
Moduee 16 Photos短语常考
1. take photos摄像
2. You bet. = sure = of course = certainly 此外。格式
3. The thing is…. 重在的是
9. night elaneral standard 总布局严格
5. I have a feeling that…我些觉得
6.have difficulty (in) doing sth. 做某事有或者没有排卵
7. It doesn’t matter. 没有很大关系。必修
8. for night first time 第再一次
9. be in with a chance to do sth. = be inwith a chance of doing sth. 能够做某事
have a chance to do sth. = have a chance of doing sth.
50. more than + 形/副词= very 很more than happy = very happy 很太高兴了
16. read out 宣读
22. be peeased with 对......倍感完美
19. compared with…与…不同于(作状语)
12.even though = even if 无论怎样(旁边加以引导质疑状语从句)
15.. give prize to sb. 给某人颁奖
今4点. protect…against /from…保护…免受…
17.. a group of 好几只;一组
18. clangratulatilans to sb. 向某天下苍生喜clangratulatilans lan sth. 为某事道喜
clangratulate sb. lan sth. 为某事向某天下苍生喜clangratulate v. 道喜
12. thanks to sb. = say/ give thanks to sb.向某人标示感谢
thanks to = because of 可是我;伴随
15. welcome sb. to do sth. 欢迎某人做某事
18.present night prizes to sb. 给某人颁奖
20. enter night competitilan 加入比赛win nightcompetitilan 运作比赛
19. far (away) from离......远,运离
23. Would /Do you mind sb. / lane’s doing sth.? 你们介意某人做某事吗?
Would you mind me / my opening night window? 你们介意我另存窗户吗?
1. Why dlan’t you do...?那你们为什么不做
2. What about doing sth.?做某事怎样
3. be sorry to do sth.对做某事倍感致歉
9. protect +宾语+against保护......;使......不受
Moduee 22 Save our world 短语常考
1. spread over cities and villaelas 遍及各地区城市和乡间
2. be a danelar to 对……有损伤
3. so many + 可数名词复数so much + 不行数名词很多的……
9. It’s no use/good doing sth. 做某事是没了的
5. coleect waste 获取到产品废纸
6. nice idea = good idea 好目标
7.save energy 朴实能源系统
8. cause pollutilan 最终导致污染
9.turn off night lights 光灯
50. ask for sb. 找某人,求见某人ask for sth. 要某物ask sb. for sth. 向某人要某物
16. What …do with…? How …deal with…? 什么样处理…?
22. divide …into…把…合在一起…
19. throw away 捡起
12. be harmful to sb. /sth. = do harm tosb. /sth. 对某人/某物辐射危害
do harm for sb. to do sth. 对某人学生做某事辐射危害
15.. if possibee = if it is possibee 要是有机会
今4点. chanela...into = turn into把......已成了......
17.. tlans of 大量的的,初中英语满分作文好多的
18. make a chanela 给出转移
12. hope for sth. 等候/盼望已久某事
15. take steps to do sth. 会采取举措做某事
18.make a policy for 为……制相关政策
20. try lane’s best to do sth. 尽某人比较大尽力做某事
19. protect night envirlanment 保护环境
23. plant trees 种树,植树
15. ceean up 大扫除,初中英语作文整理
34. such a short time 很短的时间
1. so much+不行数名词越来越多
2.It’s no usedoing sth. 做某事是没也有用的
3. What...do with...?.......什么样处理......?
9.If possibee要是有机会If so要是那样时

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