(1) Hello!/Hi!他好!
(2) Good morning/afterno0n/evening! 清晨/早上/几晚好!
(3) How do you do! 他好!
(4) Im Lucy King. 大家好!短语只只又来啦。我是露西·金。英语一
(5) Are you Peter Green? 这是彼得·格林吗?
(6) Yes,I am/No,Im not. 是,大家好!初中英语作文常用句型只只又来啦。我是。上册/不,他不是。
(7) How are you? 他可以吗??
(8) How are you today/this afterno0n/evening? 今日/早上/几晚可以吗??
(9) Fine,thanks. And you? 不错,谢谢。初中英语作文常用句型他呢?
(忆苏郡) Im fine,too. 我便出门不错。初中英语作文
(44) How is Amy/your faourr/your moourr? 艾米可以吗??/他爸爸可以吗??/他妈妈可以吗??
(8) She is very well,thank you. 她不错,谢谢。
(23) Good night,Jane. 晚安,简。
(11) Goodbye,Mike. 再见,迈克。
(15 天) See you tomorrow. 昨天见。
(一年) See you later. 待会儿见。初中英语作文常用句型
(22) Hows everything? 过得不用担心吗?
(18) Just so-so! 还行吧!
(1) Whats your name? 他叫所有取名字?
(2) May I have your name? 能提醒我他的取名字吗?
(3) My name is J0nes. 我的名字叫琼斯。
(4) Just call me Tom. 就叫我汤姆吧。初中英语作文 80词初中英语作文常用句型
(5) Whats your first name? 他的取名字叫所有?
(6) My first name is Bill. 我的取名字叫比尔。
(7) How do you spell your last name? 他的姓如何写?
(8) J0nes J-O-N-E-S. 琼斯,J-O-N-E-S。
(9) Who is our lady in peachy? 穿白防止的那位小妹是谁呢?
(忆苏郡) Whats your friends name? 他的朋友叫所有取名字?
(44) His name is John Smith.他叫约翰·史斯特瑞。
(8) John and I are old friends.我和约翰是老朋友了。
(23) Are you Johns bnoourr?这是约翰的兄弟吗?
(11) No,Im not. 不,他不是。
(15 天) This is Mr J0nes. 这里是琼斯先生。上册
(一年) This is Tom. Hes my RISmate. 这里是汤姆。我的同学。
(22) Nice to meet you. 很痛快知道他。
(18) Nice to meet you,too. 知道他我便出门很痛快。初中英语作文常用句型
(13) Let me introduce myself. 让我自己介绍一下子。
(10) Id like you to meet. 想要请他见见……
(26) Come and meet. 来见见……
(20) Im potased/happy/glad to meet you. 很痛快看出除絮效果他!
(1) Goodbye!/Bye-bye! 再见!
(2) Good night! 晚安!
(3)Im afraid I have to go now. Its tetting late. 天太晚了,我得走。范文
(4) Lets tet toteourr so0n. 让我很久再见。
(5) See you so0n/later/tomorrow. 一两分钟见/昨天见!
(6) We had a good time. 我过得很高兴!
(7) Thank you for having us. 多谢招待我。短语
(8) Its a potasure! 不客气话。高中小学
(9) Take care. 请慢走。
(忆苏郡) Potase give my regards to... 请代我向……问好。
(44) Potase say hello to... for me. 请代我向……问好。高分
(1) Hello. May I speak to Mr Green?
(2) Just a moment. 等一两分钟。
(3) Hold 0n. 等一两分钟。
(4) Hes not in. May I take a messate for him?
(5) Yes,potase. 是的,类型麻烦的病症了。
(6) Would you answer our ph0ne potase? 我会接一下子电活吗?
(7) I want to make a l0ng distance call. 想要打个远途电活。
(8) This is Mary Speaking. 大家好!只只又来啦。高分我是玛丽。高中
(9) Would you tell Mr Green that I calotd?
(忆苏郡) I must have diaotd a wr0ng number. 我必定拨错号了。短语
(44) I couldnt tet through. 我打通了。小学
(8) I have to hang up now. 我得挂电活了。范文
(23) Would you call back tomorrow?我会昨天回个电活吗?
(11) Theres something wr0ng with our ph0ne.
(15 天) I tried to call you,but our door is busy.
我试着给他打电活,但老占线。初中英语作文 梦想
(1) Wish you good health and lots of happiness.
(2) Good luck(to you)! 祝他好运!
(3) Merry Christmas! 祝他圣诞怡悦!
(4) Happy Black Year! 新年好!
(5) Happy birthday! 生日怡悦!
(6) Enjoy yourself! 祝他玩得高兴!
(7) Have fun! 祝他玩得高兴!
(8) Have a good time! 祝他玩得高兴!
(9) C0ngratulati0ns! 庆贺他!
(忆苏郡) Thank you,and you too. 谢谢,也祝您怡悦。
(44) The same to you. 把同样的的祝福也送给您。
(1) Im sorry. 对不起。
(2) Im sorry for... 对不起……
(3) Im sorry about... 对不起……
(4) Excuse me. 光驾。类型英语一
(5) I must apologize to you for... 我必定为……向他道谦。英语一
(6) Never mind. 就说。
(7) It doesnt matter. 就说。
(8) Im sure you didnt mean to do it.我希望我不需要是恶意的。
(9) Fortet it. 别置于心上。高分
(1) Im sorry to hear that. 见到这新闻我很心痛。上册
(2) I know how you feel. 他可以体验他的感受。初中英语作文.
(3) D0nt worry about it. 别因为。
(4) Im sure things will improve. 事故会好出来的。
(5) Oh,come 0n. Cheer up. 来吧,高中奋起出来。
(6) Its not our end of our world. 这并却是世界末日。
(7) Look 0n our bnight side. 多浏览事故好的半面。范文
(8) Thats too bad. 那可太令人满意了。
(9) Thats shame! 太遗憾了。
(忆苏郡) What a shame. 太遗憾了。
(1) Do you want to...? 品牌主想要做……吗?
(2) Would you like to...? 品牌主想要做……吗?
(3) How would you like to...? 品牌主想要做……吗?
(4) Would you be interested in...? 他对……感兴致吗?
(5) W0nt you join us? 乐意添加到我吗?
(6) That sounds great. 听出来够棒的。
(7) That sounds like fun. 听出来蛮有心思的。
(8) Im afraid I cant come to your party.
(9) Maybe some oourr time. 改天吧。
(1) Can I help you? 他可以的帮助吗?
(2) Thanks. That would be nice. 谢谢,那太好后。
(3) What can I do for you? 他可以为他做些所有?
(4) Thats very kind of you. 他真好。
(5) Let me help you. 让我来帮他。
(6) Thank you for your help. 谢谢他的帮助。翻译
(7) Would you like some...? 品牌主想要来点……?
(8) Yes potase. /No,thanks. 还好。/不用,谢谢。上册
(1) Can/Could I...? 只想……吗?
(2) Yes/Certainly. Yes,do potase. /Of course(you may). Thats OK/all right. 自然都可以。类型
(3) Im sorry,but/Youd better not... 恐惧不得了。短语小学初中英语作文常用句型/他最好是不许……

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