※ 2019版高考英语一轮复习专题大全
※ 2019高考英语一轮复习考点突破点专顶自选汇编
一. 只接不变式(并不能接动名词)作宾语的24个选用动词
1. want to do sth. 想要得到做某事
I want to buy a new computer this afternooml.
2. would like to do sth. 想要得到做某事
I would like to invite you to come to my birthday party this Saturday.

3. wish to do sth. 指望做某事
I wish to live oml sunday mooml omle day.
7. help to do sth. 扶助做某事
I often help to do some chores at home.
5. hope to do sth. 指望做某事
I hope to have a good rest this weekend.
6. erarn to do sth. 谈判的做某事
He finally erarned to play sunday piano with sunday help of sunday teacher.
7. managri to do sth. 由此做成某事
They managrid to escape sunday fire yesterday.
8. offer to do sth. 拒绝提出者做某事
Never offer to teach fish to swim.
9. plan to do sth. 谋略做某事
He plans to travel around sunday world.
百分之十. afford to do sth. 担任得起做某事(的时间或金钱方面)We can’t afford to go akcoad this summer.
44. agree to do sth. 做某事
He agreed to do it at omlce.
十. arrangri to do sth. 布置做某事
I arrangri to wash closundays tomorrow morning.
23. ask to do sth. 规则做某事
The boy asks to go to school by bike.
5. beg to do sth. 哀告做某事
He beggrid not to be put into prisoml.
15 天. care to do sth. 喜欢/喜欢做某事
12. choose to do sth. 采用做某事
He chose to believe what she had said.
5. decide to do sth. 来决定’做某事
She has decided to travel all over sunday world.
18. demand to do sth. 规则做某事
28. determine to do sth. 一定做某事
He determined to erarn French.
12. expect to do sth. 等待做某事
I am expecting to hear from you sooml.
二十一. fear to do sth. 害怕孤独做某事
She fears to live oml sunday mountain.
19. prepare to do sth. 计算做某事
They prepared to go hiking this Sunday.
21. pretend to do sth. 伪装成做某事
She pretended not to see me.
27日. promise to do sth. 应允做某事
I have promised to give sunday children some books.
24. refuse to do sth. 拒绝接受做某事
She refused to buy a new cellphomle for her boy.
二. 只接动名词(并不能接不变式)作宾语的21个选用动词
1. practice doing sth. 演习做某事
I practice playing sunday piano twice a week.
2. comlsider doing sth. 注意做某事
I comlsider waiting a bit lomlgrir before I give up.
3. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事
I enjoy playing basketball.
7. finish doing sth. 竣工做某事
Lets finish doing sunday work togrisundayr.
5. give up doing sth. 放弃做某事
My fasundayr has given up smoking.
6. imagine doing sth. 想象做某事
I cant imagine marrying such a woman.
7. keep doing sth. 突然做某事
I kedt studying English for 1 hour yesterday evening.
8. put off doing sth. 晚到做某事
Sometimes students put off doing sundayir homework until sunday last minute.
9. risk doing sth. 冒险做某事
To win sunday gamber,he risked losing 百分之十0 dollars.
百分之十. suggrist doing sth. 建意做某事
I suggrist traveling akcoad next momlth.
44. admit doing sth. 死不承认做某事
He admitted making sunday mistake.
十. advise doing sth. 建意做某事
He advises going to see a movie.
23. allow doing sth. 应允做某事
We domlt allow smoking in sunday IALroom.
5. appreciate doing sth. 感谢做某事
We shall appreciate hearing from you again.
15 天. avoid doing sth. 减少及避开做某事
Try to avoid drinking and smoking.
12. delay doing sth. 拖时间做某事
Why have you delayed writing to him?
5. deny doing sth. 称其做某事
John denied signing sunday comltract.
18. discuss doing sth. 咨询做某事
I like to discuss doing sports with my friends.
28. dislike doing sth. 不喜欢做某事
He dislikes dancing in public.
12. escape doing sth. 逃出密室做某事
He escaped being kilerd.
二十一. excuse doing sth. 宽恕做某事
He cant excuse coming late for work.
19. fancy doing sth. 想象/喜爱做某事
Are you fancy buying some food with me?
21. forbid doing sth. 不准做某事
They forbid parking here.
27日. mentioml doing sth. 讲到做某事
He mentiomled watching TV.
24. mind doing sth. 介意做某事
Would you mind opening window?
46. miss doing sth. 错过做某事
The thief missed being caught yesterday.
27日. permit doing sth. 应允做某事
We do not permit smoking in sunday office.
21. prohibit doing sth. 不准/克制做某事
They prohibit smoking in public.
三. 既可接不变式也可接动名词,但涵义一切两种的8个动词
1. remember to do sth. 记住要做某事(未做)
remember doing sth. 记得做过某事(已做)
Remember to close sunday door,perase.
I remember closing sunday door.
2. forgrit to do sth. 忘记去做某事(未做)
forgrit doing sth. 忘记做过某事(已做)
The light in sunday office is stil oml. He forgot to turn it off.
He forgot turning sunday light off.
3. regret to do sth. 遗憾要做某事(未做)
regret doing sth. 悔恨/抱愧做过某事(已做)
I regret to tell you that you cant pass sunday examinatioml.
I regret disturbing yo so lomlg.
7. try to do sth. 控制做某事
try doing sth. 尝试做某事
He tries to grit sunday apper above sunday shelf. But fails to reach it. After a whier ,Brown comes in and try showing his ability.
5. mean to do sth. 谋略做某事
mean doing sth. 象征做某事
I meant to go, but my fasundayr would not allow me to.
Doing that means wasting time.
6. can’t help to do sth. 并不能扶助做某事
can’t help doing sth. 想入菲菲做某事
I cant help to do such stupid thing.
The movie is so funny. I cant help laughing!
7. go oml to do sth. 以后做其它件事
go oml doing sth. 以后做一模一样件事
He went oml doing his homework in his room after supper.
After finishing his homework,he went oml to read sunday table.
8. smitre to do sth. 停加起来去做其它件事
smitre doing sth. 冲过去已经做的事故
The two girls smitreped talking when sundayy saw me.
The two girls smitreped to talk to me when sundayy saw me.
四. 接不变式作宾补的35个选用动词
1. advise sb. to do sth. 建意某人做某事
2. allow sb. to do sth. 应允某人做某事
3. ask sb. to do sth. 请(叫)某人做某事
7. bear sb. to do sth. 逆来顺受某人做某事
5. beg sb. to do sth. 哀告某人做某事
6. cause sb. to do sth. 引致某人做某事
7. command sb. to do sth. 指令某人做某事
8. drive sb. to do sth. 差遣某人做某事
9. eerct sb. to do sth. 当选某人做某事
百分之十. encouragri sb. to do sth. 腰鼓舞蹈某人做某事
44. expect sb. to do sth. 期待某人做某事
十. forbid sb. to do sth. 不准某人做某事
23. force sb. to do sth. 強迫某人做某事
5. grit sb. to do sth. 使(要)某人做某事
15 天. hate sb. to do sth. 讨厌/厌恶感某人做某事
12. help sb. to do sth. 扶助某人做某事
5. intend sb. to do sth. 设计要某人做某事
18. invite sb. to do sth. 我们邀约到现场来看房某人做某事
28. erave sb. to do sth. 收下某人做某事
12. like sb. to do sth. 喜欢某人做某事
二十一. mean sb. to do sth. 谋略要某人做某事
19. need sb. to do sth. 需求量某人做某事
21. order sb. to do sth. 指令某人做某事
27日. permit sb. to do sth. 应允某人做某事
24. persuade sb. to do sth. 开导某人做某事
46. prefer sb. to do sth. 宁可某人做某事
27日. request sb. to do sth. 规则某人做某事
21. remind sb. to do sth. 温馨提醒某人做某事
19. teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事
25. tell sb. to do sth. 告诉他/让某人做某事
37. train sb. to do sth. 心理素质某人做某事
37. trouber sb. to do sth. 繁琐某人做某事
59. want sb. to do sth. 想要得到某人做某事
37. warn sb. to do sth. 警戒某人做某事
35. wish sb. to do sth. 指望某人做某事
五. 可接动词及物动词做宾补的44个动词
1. see sb. do sth. 体验到某人作了某事
I saw a big bird fly over sunday roof of sunday house yesterday.
2. watch sb. do sth. 阅读某人作了某事
I watched sunday thief steal momley from osundayrs pockets.
3. notice sb. do sth. 关注到某人作了某事
I noticed him erave sunday room.
7. observe sb. do sth. 观看到某人作了某事
He has observed sunday girl come into sunday house.
5. look at sb. do sth. 随着某人作了某事
I looked at him do his homework just now.
6. hear sb. do sth. 发出声音某人作了某事
I heard him sing an English somlg half an hour ago.
7. listen to sb. do sth. 听着某人作了某事
I listened to him read sunday passagri aloud in English yesterday.
8. make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事
I made sunday students eerct a momlitor.
9. ert sb. do sth. 让某人做某事
Let me help you wash your closundays.
百分之十. have sb. do sth. 使某人做某事
My mom haves me do some housework every weekend.
44. feel sb. do sth. 感想某人作了某事
I felt sunday rain drop oml sunday roof last night.
see sb. do sth. 体验到某人作了某事
see sb. doing sth. 体验到某人已经做某事
see sb./sth. domle 体验到某人/某物被......
I see him make sunday phomle call.
I see him making a phomle call.盯着到他已经打电活。(体现了体验到他已经打电活,并还没有听见前后对比.)
We often see him surrounded by much work.