Rocket Fist is now out on Steam! Coming soon to consoles!

Rocket Fist

Rocket Fist is a passion project of mine. The project was born as a little test on how a local multiplayer game would work in a playstation vita with one player holding each side of the device. As the game was playtested with several friends and classmates it was clear that it was something special and engaging.

In February 2015 the game went from a graybox test to an actual long-term project, self-imposing a No-Zero-Days work-ethic, I started to develop the game in my off-hours updating a daily devlog with the tasks executed that day.

The game has since been constantly updated based on feedback gathered online and at live playtests. It released May 12 2016 on Steam and it’ll come to Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U later this year.