Save me, Hades!

Save Me, Hades! is a single player game for Google’s Cardboard.

It was created by a team of 3 people, Otavio Padovani, Leonardo Salgueiro and me. I was responsible for creating and integration the artwork, doing some polishing touches and optimizing the game to run at 60fps on lower-end android devices.

The dam at the River Styx has broken down! It’s up to you, Lord Hades, to save all the Dead by… ahm… guiding them to their final destination – The Elysium, Fields of Asphodel or The Fields of Punishment.

The game works by having the player move their head, holding down the button to pick the Dead and then releasing it in their target direction. The smaller the interval the Player throws the Dead at the correct destination, the bigger the combo and the more points they get. But getting a higher combo mark also increases the river flow, making it harder to grab a hold of one of those souls…

Artist / Technical Artist
Global Archiact VR Jam
24 April 2016
VR Cardboard, Game Jam game